Terms and Condition

Appointment reservations are subject to these general conditions :

    1. Any appointment order submitted to us directly or through an intermediary is only binding on the selected merchant, after payment for the service.
    2. The stipulated prices are inclusive of VAT.
    3. The prices indicated take into account the terms of payment in cash when ordering.
    4. The availability of merchants is under their own responsibility. No deviation can give rise to penalties or compensation from the linking platform.
    5. Any dispute relating to this sale of an appointment, will be in the absence of an amicable agreement, the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of the competent jurisdiction of Mauritius, between the user and the selected merchant
    6. In the online meeting site, the “Webline” payment platform used makes it possible to deliver a sum of money from the purchase of an Internet user to that of a merchant.
    7. “WebLine” Payment Gateway is not responsible for the quality of the service ordered, its guarantee, the delivery time or the non-delivery of the service.
    8. “WebLine” Payment Gateway does not manage customer claims of its merchants, in the event of non-compliance in the order of the Internet user with a merchant. It is the latter who will manage the partial or total reimbursement depending on the situation and the request of his client.