Ms Sanam Neersoo holds an LLB (Hons) from the University of London.

Before joining the legal field, as a girl of the era of globalisation and technology, she got naturally driven into higher studies in Information Technology.

As a self-financing part-time student, she had the opportunity to observe the great diversity of human organization, transaction, experience, condition; and above all, the very nature of order and conflict.

Law rapidly appeared to her as being the most important “know how” behind the doing and undoing of society.

She had found her true passion… Law.

She promptly switched to law studies, passed the vocational exams, did her pupillage at Etude Guy Rivalland and was sworn in as Attorney-at-Law in 2019.

In the true spirit of a liberal profession, she now works on her own.

She is committed to serve society and be a truthful member of the fraternity of lawyers.

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