Marie Roxana COLLET


Marie Roxana COLLET is a native of Rodrigues Island. Roxana completed her primary and secondary education in Rodrigues.

Roxana graduated from Middlesex University Business School, London, England, with a Bachelor of Laws with Honours in 2011. Subsequent to the Law Practitioners’ Vocational Course and Vocational Examinations in Mauritius in 2016, Roxana underwent her period of Articleship at Sookia Chambers and Mardemootoo Solicitors (now Dentons Mauritius LLP), respectively.

Following admission to the Roll of Practicing Attorneys, at the age of 30 Roxana set up Collet Chambers. Currently, the practice is located at the First Floor, Chue Wan Building, Rue de la Solidarité, Port Mathurin, Rodrigues, with its registered address being Route de L’Autonomie, Cascade Jean Louis, Rodrigues.
Collet Chambers focuses its practice mainly in general litigation. Collet Chambers is advising and legally representing individuals, professionals, associations and small businesses.

Collet Chambers prides itself for the administrative support of 3 paralegals.

Contact Details :

Route de L’Autonomie, Cascade Jean Louis, Rodrigues Island
Working hours
Monday - Friday - 09:00 - 17:00
Contact numbers
578 23 423 574 400 86
544 710 07