LAGESSE Marie Danielle S.A.

Senior Attorney

Danielle Lagesse, born in 1953, has been an independent Director of La Prudence Leasing Finance Co Ltd since 29 January 2016. She qualified as Attorney at Law of the Supreme Court of Mauritius in 1980. In June 2010, she was the first woman from the private sector to receive the title of Senior Attorney. Between 1981 and 2016 she was the Head of Chambers at Etude Lagesse.

She has been a Litigation Lawyer very involved in corporate disputes but is now more active in Private Mediation and Arbitration including International Arbitration. She is a founder member and Fellow of the Mauritius Institute of Directors where she was a director for 5 years. Member of the Australian Institute of Directors, she is also an Independent Director of P.O.L.I.C.Y. Limited.

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Residence les Pins, Gibson Lane, Floreal
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686 4052 5 421 0379